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My First Signed Track Release!

2013-04-13 19:08:09 by Fierra

So I'm pretty sure nobody reads up on my stuff any more.

Regardless, I'm making this post for anyone who stumbles upon it. I'm Brittany! I brought Newgrounds quite a few tracks, quite a few weekly top 5s, and a larger amount of top 30s over the years. Well, finally a record label decided I was good enough and released my track 'From Ashes', an uplifting trance track along with a remix produced by a Russian gentleman producing under the moniker 'UDM'.

The track is located at , if you wish to hear a preview, on the right hand side panel is an MP3 player. My track is From Ashes (Original Mix), and of course the remix From Ashes (UDM Remix).

The track is to be released on May 20th under their sub-label Crystal Source Recordings.

This is a proud moment for me.

Thanks guys! :-)

Love and love,

- Brittany (Fierra / DJ BrixX)


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2013-04-14 04:46:10

I read. :) That*s great news, congratulations!


2014-12-30 02:19:33

Listened to Wings of Love when I was just a little kid and now Im grown up and I still love the song. Puts me in a good mood on a bad day :) thank you for the amazing tracks you've released!!


2015-11-05 23:23:09

So this is a little late, but congratulations! I still listen to "Down to Earth" all the time. One of my favorite NG tracks ever. I never explored your work much beyond that one song lol - I promise to look you up on your label to see if you've released anything else and maybe make an attempt at being a real fan :)


2015-11-20 13:55:13

WOAH! I feel so proud and happy for you Brittany! Much <3

Fierra responds:




2016-03-02 23:58:55

Hi there! I posted a review back in 2008 on your Beyond Reach track. Been really busy with life, just put together a new PC and decided to see if Newgrounds was still around. Sure enough it's here, and when I went to look at music I used to like I saw you had a record label pick up one of your tracks! Congrats! Now going to go find this 'From Ashes' it on here? :)


2016-06-12 23:19:09

Any chance of an updated sit-rep?